Richmond Heavy Duty Outdoor Rocking Chair with Optional Seat Cushion

Sit down and get comfy with the Richmond Heavy Duty Outdoor Rocking Chair and Seat Cushion . Solidly crafted of sustainably harvested red shorea wood (red lauan) this outdoor rocking chair is built to last. Designed to weather the elements and maintain its luster for generations of use it’s supported by galvanized steel bolts and polished in a natural wood finish and nourishing linseed oil. A traditional straight back and slightly contoured seat make this rocker easy on the eyes and relaxing for the body. A perfectly fitted seat pad is available for added comfort. Additional information for optional seat cushion: Hand-crafted of durable polyester with piped edging Secured to the seat with 2 fabric ties Soft and rot-resistant fiber batting for padding Spot-clean when needed with soap and water Dimensions: 21L x 19W x 3H inches About Shorea Wood and Linseed OilShorea is possibly the best wood choice for outdoor furniture. Related to Burma teak this hardwood grows naturally and plentifully in the Pacific Rim countries. Because shorea is dense heavy and hard and contains an abundance of natural oils it is highly resistant to rot bug infestation weather and marring. Shorea (red lauan) wood will have variations is color – from a red to a yellow cast. The shorea wood for this item is treated with linseed oil. Linseed oil is not a varnish. The oil soaks into the pores of the wood leaving a shiny (not glossy) surface that shows off the grain of the wood. Linseed oil helps protects the wood from denting by compression and protects it from accelerated deterioration. After assembly simply wipe the bench with a damp cloth to remove any excess oil that may be remaining. Please note that it is recommended to let your bench sit outside for 2-3 days before sitting on it to let the stain air out and completely dry.

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