Moon Dough Snack Shop Play Food Set

Create tons of your favorite treats with the Moon Dough Snack Shop Play Food Set. Your children can make various pretend snack foods using the Moon Dough, a light molding compound. This hypoallergenic, gluten-free compound never dries and can be easily formed into shapes. The kids’ food playset consists of a modeled snack shop, an accessory compartment, a handle, an ice cream plunger, an ice cream platform, two ice cream cones, two popcorn boxes, a pretzel maker, and three containers of Moon Dough. You can use the Moon Dough playset for making popcorn by placing the Moon Dough on top of the snack shop and turning the handle. Molded pieces of popcorn drop into the popcorn box, which are then scooped out with a scooper. Mold a pretzel or make ice cream by inserting an ice cream cone on the platform.

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