Park & Sun 109mm Attache Bocce Set

About the Park and Sun AttacheThis bocce set features a 9-section attache case for easy play and carrying. The phenolic resin 109 mm balls are color-coded in sets of two so that up to four duos can play. A 60 mm pallino is included as well as a measuring tool. The attached case zips shut and the shoulder strap aids transport. Casual players going to the next level will appreciate this tournament-quality set.Bocce Ball Materials and SizesResin is the most popular material for bocce balls and will withstand frequent use better than other materials. Molded plastic is best for children or for beginners and can be somewhat softer although still very durable.A bocce ball that is smaller than 100mm is typically best for children or for beginners. This size is easiest to handle and toss. Tournament balls will range between 107mm and 115mm. The International Standard ball is 107mm (4.2 inches) and weighs 920 grams (2 lbs.). The occasional backyard player will most likely appreciate a size somewhere between 100mm and 110mm.

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