Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart and Play Food

Teach kids all about their food groups and give them a true-to-life play experience with the Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart and Play Food. Loaded with pantry goods, cold foods, fruits, vegetables and a realistic metal shopping cart, this set makes fun of grocery time. The Pantry Products From tuna to spaghetti, and soup to sugar, the Melissa and Doug Pantry Products Playset is packed with family favorites. There are nine fun food pieces in all – including condiments like ketchup and mustard – so you can serve a feast. Each piece is made from wood for long-lasting play. The FruitsPicked at the peak of ripeness, these realistically-sized fruits will add plenty of Vitamin P (for Play!) to your child’s day. There are nine pieces packed in this wooden crate of farm fresh favorite fruits: an apple, lemon, peach, banana, plum, orange, pear, and 2 strawberries. Made of durable molded-plastic, each piece of fruit looks fresh-picked and delicious. Your little chef can serve fruit as a side dish or as a surprise dessert. The Refrigerated ItemsThe most-used appliance in the house is the refrigerator. Why? Because it’s filled with tasty treats like cheese, ice cream, milk, orange juice, frozen veggies, waffles, and more – just like this fun, wooden playset! Complete with all of your child’s favorite things, each wooden piece will withstand the wear and tear of child’s play. Proving that sometimes perishables aren’t perishable after all. The VeggiesTempting your child to eat veggies will be much easier once he plays with these fresh-from-the-farm veggies! This vegetable playset will show him how much fun good-for-you foods can be. Seven garden-fresh vegetables are packed in a wooden storage crate: you get a tomato, cucumber, red pepper, potato, onion, carrot and an ear of corn. Now your little chef can create well-balanced pretend meals for the whole family. The Sh

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