Northwood’s Bongo 15′ Water and Land Trampoline Bounce Platform with Slide and Log

The Northwood’s Bongo 15′ bounce platform water park package includes the 15 foot diameter water bouncer, the Small Aqua Slide, and the Small Aqua Log.Northwood’s Bongo 15:The Northwood’s Bongo 15′ water bounce platform is lightweight, portable and inflates in minutes allowing for all day family fun on the water. The 15 foot diameter bounce surface is ideal for younger kids or to lounge the day away. The Bongo does not have any springs attaching the jump surface and is not a traditional water trampoline like the Eclipse. But unlike the Eclipse you can use the Bongo on land too!Small Aqua Slide:The Small Aqua Slide delivers a rip-roarin’ descent to make a huge splash with your family and friends! Made from only the best, quality materials available, the Aqua Slide delivers each and every time. Unlike other, cheaper water trampolines, RAVE’s Aqua Slide can be located anywhere around the tube providing you with complete flexibility. The Aqua Slide attaches to the the tube by two straps that wrap around the tube and the Northwood’s colors match the water bounce.Small Aqua Log:We dare you to try and walk the Aqua Log water attachment without ending up in the drink. Challenge your family and friends to see who can make it the farthest.

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