Jaypro 3.5 Inch Featherlite Volleyball System – Standard Package

The Jaypro 3.5 in. Featherlite Volleyball System Complete Package is an incredibly affordable deal containing a wide variety of volleyball equipment and accessories that every serious team needs in their gym! Not only does this set include the phenomenal uprights and net system but it also contains the much needed ball cart single net system cable/buckle covers and referee stand. The referee stand has an incredibly sturdy aluminum frame with padding and lockable wheels. The referee stand also folds away for space-saving storage during the offseason. The lightweight aluminum uprights are easy to install and feature a 16-pin stop height adjustment range that extends from 6 feet 6 inches all the way up to 8 feet 2 two inches. These uprights are made to fit 3.5-inch diameter sleeves and such padding has been included in your choice of 13 unique colors including black forest green gray light blue orange and more. The complete Jaypro 3.5-in. Featherlite Volleyball System also comes with a staggeringly durable nylon net antennae and winch component. The complete package is the total package.

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