Jonti-Craft Kydz Stackable Chair

What We Like About The Jonti-Craft Kydz Stackable CharriesThis stackable chair is perfect for any child’s room or classroom. This chair is made of sturdy solid hardwood that’s sure to last for many years to come. Add this chair to a desk table or just use it by itself. Made with Jonti-Craft trademarks of Kydz-Safe for smooth edges Kydz-Tuff for kid protected finish and Kydz-Strong construction to outlast the most rambunctious of kids. Choose from 6 different seat heights for your toddler or bigger kids. Lifetime warranty from Jonti-Craft. Specialized features include Jonti-Craft’s trademark of Kydz-Strong construction Kydz-Safe edges and Kydz-Tuff finish.Features:Kydz-Strong construction: Employs the dowel pin technique. This leaves the thickness of the material intact where most of the stress occurs. Increases the already noteworthy strength by 30%.Kydz-Safe edges: All edges front back and base are fully rounded. Recessed backs enhance the strength and appearance.Kydz-Tuff finish: Is as tough as the coating used on gym floors. Resists stains won’t yellow and is easy to clean.Choose your preferred seat height:5 inch seat height – dimensions: 14L x 13W x 14H inches (Toddler Size)7 inch seat height – dimensions: 14L x 14.5W x 16H inches (Toddler Size)9 inch seat height – dimensions: 14L x 15W x 18H inches (Toddler Size)11 inch seat height – dimensions: 19L x 17.5W x 21.5H inches13 inch seat height – dimensions: 19L x 18W x 23.5H inches15 inch seat height – dimensions: 19L x 18.5W x 25.5H inches

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