Field Club 110mm Bocce Ball Set

Games of throwing and rolling have been a part of humanity’s repertoire since we learned how to keep score. Some might even argue that they’ve been around longer and that our counting and scoring ability derived directly from the games themselves. What better way to settle it than over a classic version of one of these very games?The Field Club 110mm Bocce Ball Set offers a timeless design and remarkable quality all at a surprisingly low price. With this set packed neatly in the nylon carry case all you need is a place to get the balls rolling. Backyards parks and beaches work wonderfully. Streets and driveways not so much. Or you always can seek out a dirt or clay bocce court in your area whenever you’re ready to go public with your game.If you prefer a version of the game less restricted by rules and boundaries feel free to play on hilly terrain; or use yard ornaments furniture and landscape features as obstacles to stymie opponents. The possibilities are limitless. Just keep in mind that bocce balls are heavy and things like planters garden statues pets and other breakables may want to stay on the sidelines. Bocce Ball Materials and SizesResin is the most popular material for bocce balls and will withstand frequent use better than other materials. Molded plastic is best for children or for beginners and can be somewhat softer although still very durable.A bocce ball that is smaller than 100mm is typically best for children or for beginners. This size is easiest to handle and toss. Tournament balls will range between 107mm and 115mm. The International Standard ball is 107mm (4.2 inches) and weighs 920 grams (2 lbs.). The occasional backyard player will most likely appreciate a size somewhere between 100mm and 110mm.

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