Jaques 4.4 in. Staunton Chessmen in Mahogany Casket

No design has influenced the game of chess more than the original 1850s Staunton pattern – a design perfectly reproduced in the Jaques 4.4 in. Staunton Chess Set Mahogany Box. This is a collection that impressed the first British chess World Champion so much that he agreed to have every set adorn his name and signature. That’s why, when you open the mahogany case to reveal boxwood and jet black ebony pieces resting on English leather, you’ll also see that certificate of authenticity bearing the signature of Howard Staunton. The rich mahogany casket is also built with brass hardware including a lock and key to keep your chessmen safe. Whether you wish to play with the best or keep them as an heirloom for generations to come, Jaques of London’s Staunton set is sure to be a prized possession. About Jaques of LondonAs the oldest games company in the world, the name Jaques is inexorably intertwined with the history of almost any classic game. After literally inventing croquet, popularizing the gold-standard Staunton chess pieces everyone recognizes, and building a series of other games and items with the finest wood in the world, Jaques has continued to reinvent itself. Today, they produce game pieces and sets of the utmost quality in the strongest, rarest, and best-looking materials on Earth. When you’re look to look refined playing chess, croquet, ping pong, backgammon, snakes and ladders, or any other wooden game, look to Jaques of London.

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