BoHo Pewter Wire Basket Indoor Bocce Ball Set

The BoHo Pewter Wire Basket Indoor Bocce Ball Set gives you a fun casual version of the Italian game of bocce ball brought indoors by Outside In Games! It’s a game for the whole family for all seasons. And because it’s got style you’ll enjoy the way it looks even when you’re not playing. This set comes with a pewter wire basket a measuring string a to-go bag and a full-color instruction booklet. Basket dimensions: 14L x 12W x 8H inches.BoHo bocce balls are hand-crafted in Nepal using 100% local wool and are colored using Swiss dyes. Easy to handle; easy on the environment. Games are about connecting and spending quality time together away from the TV computers video games and other modern conveniences that take up so much of our lives. So whether it’s with your friends kids parents grandparents extended family neighbors or co-workers you’ll have fun playing BoHo Bocce.BoHo Bocce is played much like traditional bocce ball but no bocce court is required. Your home becomes the playing field including furniture walls stairs etc. The added dimension of these obstacles promotes creativity and fun for all ages.

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